Baby Devil

What does the baby devil in the Passion of the Christ signify?

Those who have seen the Passion of the Christ may recall a surreal scene in which Satan appears to be carrying a deformed baby while Jesus is being whipped.

Many have wondered what this symbolizes, since it does not directly reference anything in the Bible. Some have said this baby devil could symbolize humanity itself, steeped in sin, being fed daily by its "mother," the Prince of Darkness. And there in the background is Christ, on the path to the cross, to break those "maternal" bonds to Satan and replace them with bonds to our true father in heaven.

Mel Gibson, who produced and directed the movie, notes how the baby devil retains some of its human characteristics even as it is deformed by this association with sin:

"Instead of a normal mother and child you have an androgynous figure holding a 40-year-old 'baby' with hair on his back. It is weird, it is shocking, it's almost too much. . ." he says.

It is certainly a chilling scene, and one that should remind us just how deeply we may fall into sin; how strongly, even innocently, we may love the idols we worship in the place of God.

Yet, like kidnapped children, we are rescued by our big brother, Jesus, who gladly takes on all opposition to return his beloved family to its rightful place.

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