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Study the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. What eternal significance does His life have for you?

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Frequently Asked Questions on Jesus Christ

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Frequently Asked Questions on Jesus Christ

12 Disciples
Who were the twelve disciples? Why were these twelve chosen? Study from the Bible about these men who were chosen by Jesus.

Amazing Miracles
Many people presuppose that miracles are impossible. What if miracles can be logically explained?

Amazing Miracles Video
Miracles. Randall Niles examines David Hume and the classic arguments for and against the possibility of miracles.

Bible Christmas Story
What is the true meaning and message of Christmas? What is the story of Jesus birth? Find out here.

Bible Christmas Story Video
Watch a video that describes the true reason for the Christmas season. What is the greatest gift?

Biblical Description of Jesus
Who is Jesus and what are his attributes? What did claim while on earth? What did other biblical authors say about Him?

Biblical Description of Jesus Video
Why is Jesus Christ presented in the Bible as the only one qualified to bring us into God's presence? Dr. Erwin Lutzer answers.

Blood of Jesus
Why was it important for Jesus to shed His blood on the cross? Find out here.

Blood of Jesus Video
Is Jesus the Savior of the World? Is He your Savior? Worship Him in song today.

Book Of John
The account of John is rich in theological insight. It's the story of Christ from the deepest level.

Christmas Origin
Do you know the true origin of Christmas? What's the true meaning of our celebrations and traditions?

Christmas Origin Video
Watch a presentation o f A Christmas Moment by Andy Stanley. What is the Christmas story all about?

Criminals on the Cross
How did the two criminals on the cross interact with Jesus differently? What was the result of the interactions?

A physical portrayal of what happens to the human body during this form of execution.

Crucifixion Of Jesus
The graphic description of the death of Jesus on a Roman cross just outside Jerusalem.

Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ
Study the timeline of this historic event. Where are these events located in the Bible?

Crucifixion Video
What is the crucifixion? Why is it important? Did Jesus die for you and your sins? Find out.

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ Video
This powerful video illustration presents a creative and artistic worship experience from spoken word poet, Amena Brown. Why did Jesus die?

Crucifixion of Jesus Video
Randall Niles explores the historical record surrounding this Roman form of torture and capital punishment.

Death of Jesus
Is there proof of Jesus’ crucifixion? Did it happen like the Bible says it did? Study the facts here.

Easter Origin
The historical account of the last passover of Jesus Christ and the first resurrection day.

Four Gospels
Why are there four books that are labeled as Gospels? Who wrote them and why? How to they differ from each other?

Good Friday
What does this day mean? What is the significance of Good Friday? Find out why this day is good and what your response should be.

Good Friday Video
The One Minute Apologist asks the question, Is Jesus the Passover Lamb? What's the answer?

Gospel Of John
A first hand account of the life of Jesus. Its outline, structure and significance. Spiritual themes for now and eternity.

Gospel Of Judas
Read excerpts of this gospel and study its claims about Jesus. Is it accurate? Why is it just now surfacing?

Gospel Of Luke
One of the biblical accounts of the life, ministry and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Gospel Of Mark
Concise yet complete information on the book of Mark including its biblical history, outline, structure, significance, and the Resurrection.

Gospel Of Matthew
One of the four gospels in the New Testament that portray the life, death and sacrifice of Jesus.

Gospel Of St. Thomas
One of the gnostic accounts of Jesus Christ and early Christianity.

Historical Jesus
Acedemic scholarship or naturalistic presupposition? What are the liberal scholars of the day up to now?

Holy Monday
What occurred on this day of Holy Week? What did Jesus do on Monday? Find out here.

Holy Tuesday
What is significant about Tuesday of Holy Week? What events happened on that day? Find out what God's Word says.

How can Jesus be God
How do we know whether Jesus is God? Does that mean there are two Gods? Study the truth here.

Is Jesus God Video
Dr Bobby Conway answers the question: Is Jesus God? Find out what his conclusions are.

Is Jesus God?
Who did Jesus really claim to be? What does the ancient record really tell us?

Jesus Christ
Was He a man or was He God? Could He have been both? Check it out here.

Jesus Christ Video
Randall Niles investigates Jesus' true identity. Who was Jesus? What made Him significant in history?

Jesus Is Lord
He declares His Lordship through humility and grace. He allows mankind to crucify Him and call Him everything but Lord.

Jesus Is Lord 2
Do you know Jesus as your Savior? How about as your Lord and Master?

Jesus Outside the Bible Video
Is there Proof for Jesus Outside the Bible? Randall Niles looks at ancient accounts of Jesus of Nazareth outside the biblical texts.

Jesus Paid It All
Learn more about these lyrics, biblical support, and the author of this famous hymn. Have you made it personal?

Jesus Praying
What can we learn from how Jesus prayed to His Father? Find out the application to our lives here.

Jesus Praying Video
The night of his arrest, Jesus of Nazareth prayed at the Garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives. What did He pray?

Jesus Resurrection Video
Why was Jesus' resurrection significant in world history? Learn by watching this video.

Jesus Son of God
What indicates that Jesus is the Son of God? What does this mean and why does it matter?

Jesus Tomb
Study the biblical description and read about the significance. What does the Bible say about the tomb?

Jesus is God
Learn more about this man come down to earth. Was He God? Why is it important to know?

Jesus is God 2
Who is this man? Is He God or just man? What does the Bible say about Him? What did He say about Himself?

Jesus is Lord Video
If Jesus' claims were false, then He was a liar or a lunatic. If they were true, then that means He is Lord. If He is Lord, then there are two alternatives...

Jesus the Good Shepherd
What does this phrase mean to you? What did John mean when he wrote that phrase? Learn more.

Jesus the Good Shepherd Video
Nick Vitellaro shares a poem about being the lost sheep and how his shepherd found him. Are you lost?

Jesus' Resurrection
No legitimate scholar denies the death of Jesus, but did He really rise from the dead?

Jesus' Resurrection 2
The cornerstone of the Christian faith. The hope for all mankind.

Lamb Of God
Why did the Jewish Scriptures focus so heavily on the atoning nature of animal blood?

Lamb of God Video
What does it mean that Jesus died for you? Learn from His Word about what He did for you.

Maundy Thursday
What events of Jesus’ life are remembered on this day of Passion Week? Find out the significance of each event.

Maundy Thursday Video
What is this strange-sounding day? John Stonestreet explains the day and why it's important.

Miracle Healings
What does the Bible tell us about the healings that Christ performed during His public ministry?

Miracle Healings Video
A young pastor and his wife and talk candidly about his life-threatening brain tumor. What did they learn?

Miracles Of Jesus
The miracles and wonders of Jesus attracted a following during His short time in public ministry.

Miracles Of Jesus 2
The eyewitness testimonies to Christ's miracles. He operated outside natural law. What lessons can we learn from them today?

Miracles of Jesus Video
Spotless, blameless, perfect, righteous, etc all are accounted to us since we are in Him. Are you in Jesus?

Names Of Jesus
People say there are over 700 names and titles of Jesus. Why so many? Did they each have significance?

Names of Jesus Video
View this presentation of Jesus names. What were the names He was given? What do they mean?

Origin Of Christmas
When did Christ's birth really happen? Why do we celebrate it the way we do?

Origin Of Easter
A Christian commemoration of Resurrection Day. A Celebration with ancient pagan roots. The truth about Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.

Origin of Christmas Video
Merry Christmas to you from and Coldwater Media. What is the true meaning of this season?

Palm Sunday
What is the history of the celebration? What passage of Scripture is used?

Parables of Jesus
As you read the parables found in the Bible, you wonder if they should be taken literally. Find out here!

Parables of Jesus Video
The Scripture in this video is taken from Luke 8, The Parable of the Sower. What does Jesus mean?

Passion Week
What is the timeline of Jesus’ last week before His death and resurrection? Study the major events.

Passion Week Video
In this episode of Drive Thru History, Dave Stotts explores the trial, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. What is Passion Week?

Resurrection Of Christ
What evidence is there for the central event in all of Christianity? Check it out for yourself.

Resurrection Of Christ 2
Did Christ really rise from the dead and visit with numerous people before ascending to heaaven?

Resurrection Of Jesus
Jesus established His nature as God by conquering death. How can we build some foundation under our faith?

Resurrection Of Jesus Christ
What proof is there that Jesus rose from the dead? Was Jesus seen alive after His death? Is it all a fable?

Resurrection of Christ Video
Did Jesus really raise from the dead? Randall Niles examines this remarkable evidence for the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Resurrection of Jesus Christ Video
Study the Easter story with Ray Vander Laan. What does Jesus' resurrection have to do with you?

Second Coming Of Christ
What does the Bible say about the return of Christ to earth?

The Passion Of Christ
Discover the history behind this biblical account and film. Is it truth?

The Case For Christ
Was Jesus really the Son of God who performed miracles and rose from the dead?

The Case for Christ Video
Do we have reliable records about Jesus? Lee Strobel tackles this important question. Find the answer here.

The Great Commission
A personal directive from Jesus Christ to all His followers. A timeless and wonderful adventure in faith for all Christians.

The Last Supper
What happened right before Jesus died? What was His final message to His followers?

The Nativity
Understand the biblical story that surrounds the birth of Jesus in the manger in Bethlehem. Read the account here.

The Nativity Video
Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel... listen to the Franz Family as they share this Christmas hymn. What does it mean to you?

The Resurrection
Discover the importance of the resurrection and why it has impact to believers in today’s culture. Learn from God’s Word.

The Resurrection Video
Mike Licona discusses the historical evidence of Jesus' resurrections. What is the evidence? Find out here.

The Way, the Truth, and the Life Video
Did Jesus really claim to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life? Did Jesus make religious Truth exclusive? You gotta stream this short video!

Transfiguration of Jesus
What occurred during the transfiguration? Who was there? What can we learn from this event in the life of Jesus?

Who Is Jesus Christ?
Was He a great teacher, leader or prophet? Was He truly the Son of God?

Who Is Jesus?
The Bible states Jesus was 100% man and 100% God. It teaches that there is only one way to Heaven.

Who Was Jesus Video
What do people say about Jesus? Who is He? Why did He come to earth? Find out people's views.

Who is Jesus Christ Video
An historical teacher? A prophet? Find out who Jesus is and why it is important to your life.

Who was Jesus?
Was this man a good teacher, a prophet, or the Savior of mankind? Find and study the proof here.

Work of the Cross
Discover the work of Jesus on the cross? Why is it significant to you? Is it? Find out the meaning of this event.

Work of the Cross Video
This skit is a classic and moving illustration of God’s love for mankind. How deep is God's love for you?

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