Easter Lily Origin

Easter lily origin - Is it spiritual?

Tradition states that the Easter lily originated in the Garden of Eden by the teardrops of Eve that she spread while leaving the Garden of Eden. They were teardrops of repentance. The Easter lily also has its roots in pagan rituals - specifically, Hera, the queen of motherhood.

For the Christian, the Easter lily is used in a positive sense and represents many things. The Easter lily is representative of Christ's resurrection, it speaks of purity and innocence, being untainted by the world. The Easter lily also represents a new season, a new birth, such as when one comes to Christ.

Many times, the enemy (Satan) takes the things that God has created and distorts them, causing people to be deceived, and believe a lie. The Easter lily is not to be worshipped, however the lily can be used as a sign to represent new life.

How do you view the Easter lily? What does it mean to you? Does it represent Christ's death and resurrection? Is the Easter lily symbolic of a new birth? Does the Easter lily relate to innocence or purity? God uses many things of this world, even the earth and its entire splendor as a sign.

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