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History of Jesus Christ

QUESTION: History of Jesus Christ - What influence has He had on the world?


Jesus - Over the years the name of Jesus Christ has conjured up more emotion in people than any other name. Some people use His name as a curse word, others in loving endearment, and others yet in a desperate lifeline. People have either hated Him or loved Him, many have given their very lives for Him. Wars have been fought over Him. Some people try to deny that He ever existed. Others say He was just a good teacher or a prophet. Others call Him their Savior - their all in all.

For the Jews, Jesus arrived as the long awaited Messiah. But on His arrival many did not recognize Him. Others refused to accept Him because He did not fit their image as a King. Everywhere He went in His short life on earth, He made enemies and devoted friends. Men hated Him so deeply that they sought to end His life and did crucify Him. Amazingly as the Bible had predicted centuries before their occurrence, all of the events of His life from His lowly birth to death on a cross and then to His resurrection, did occur just as they had been predicted. In spite of this, many people still refused to believe in Christ's existence or reality. They refused to believe the words that He had spoken during His sojourn on earth.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ greatly impacted His devoted followers. At His death many went into hiding, fearing for their very lives. But at His resurrection, they finally figured out what He had been trying to tell them and became powerful witnesses to the things that He had said and done. They spoke of how He had changed their lives and the lives of others whom He had touched. The words of their testimony and the power of His name continued to change the lives of many others.

Jesus so impacted some people that they changed from hating His followers to becoming one of them. Saul of Tarsus was an example of such a person. (Story found in Acts 9). Jesus continues to influence people in a like manner today. C. S. Lewis claimed to be an Agnostic before his total transformation to Christ and writing the book, Mere Christianity. Author, Lee Stroebel, claimed to set out to prove the assertions for Christ to be false prior to writing A Case For Christ. Many scientist have set out to prove the fallacy of creationism and other biblical theories only to find themselves turning to Christ instead as they found the Bible to be true and accepted Christ, not only as their Creator but as their Savior.

The world today has embraced diversity and in so doing has attempted to educate others about their culture and religious beliefs with the exception of Christianity. Even though Christianity is the largest religion in the world, the mention of the name of Christ is forbidden in many schools and at national events. The entertainment industry has shunned any accurate religious portrayals, or the use of the name of Jesus in their productions in spite of the immense popularity of such pictures as The Passion of Christ. Religious persecution is steadily growing against Christianity.

It seems that the more strongly the world protests hearing the name of Jesus, the more clearly it is shows He is alive and active on earth. He is a powerful force in the lives of His followers who wait in eager expectation for the fulfillment of the Bible prophecies that have been predicted about His Second Coming when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess the name of Jesus (Philippians 2:10-11).

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