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Jesus Heals the Nobleman's Son

QUESTION: Jesus heals the nobleman's son - What can I learn from this account?


John 4:46-54 gives the account of Jesus healing the nobleman's son. It is listed as the second miracle performed by Jesus: "Once more he visited Cana in Galilee, where he had turned the water into wine. And there was a certain royal official whose son lay sick at Capernaum. When this man heard that Jesus had arrived in Galilee from Judea, he went to him and begged him to come and heal his son, who was close to death. 'Unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders,' Jesus told him, 'you will never believe.' The royal official said, 'Sir, come down before my child dies.' Jesus replied, 'You may go. Your son will live.' The man took Jesus at his word and departed. While he was still on the way, his servants met him with the news that his boy was living. When he inquired as to the time when his son got better, they said to him, 'The fever left him yesterday at the seventh hour.' Then the father realized that this was the exact time at which Jesus had said to him, 'Your son will live.' So he and all his household believed. This was the second miraculous sign that Jesus performed, having come from Judea to Galilee."

When we analyze these verses, we see several factors of this miracle from which we can learn.

The nobleman (a government official) walked about 20 miles to see Jesus and addressed him as "Sir." This tells us that even though the man had legal authority, he was submitting to Jesus. The man traveled this distance to ask Jesus to cure his son, who was very sick and near death.

The officer believed Jesus could heal and operated in that faith. This is proven with his obedience that followed. The man asked Jesus to come to the man's son (in another town) or he would die. Yet, Jesus said "You may go. Your son will live." The nobleman obeyed and returned to his son, believing that Jesus needed only to speak the words that his son would live. This demonstrated great faith. We see from this that we can not operate in lip service, we must truly have and act in faith.

Although the man's son was miles away, when Jesus spoke the words, the boy was healed. Distance is no barrier for the power of Christ. Often we ask but have doubts that our prayers will be answered. As the nobleman, we must ask, and proceed - believing that our prayer is already answered though we may not see the results. Even if it is not always instant, God will always answer in His time and in His way, according to His will. We can be assured He does hear our petitions. (See 1 John 5:14-15.)

When we do this, as with the nobleman, our faith is exercised and it will grow and be strengthened. As this official approached home, his servants met him with news of the son's recovery. The officer asked what hour his son became well. They answered that the boy's fever left in the 7th hour; the man knew that was the time Jesus said that his son would live. They asked their master how this could happen. It gave the nobleman an opportunity to tell them about Jesus and what he had done.

As a result of the nobleman's testimony, his whole household believed. His own faith was strengthened and the event is great affirmation of the power of Jesus. We too, should tell others of the things Christ does for us in our lives.

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