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Palm Sunday Significance

QUESTION: How did politics impact Palm Sunday’s significance?


Palm Sunday’s significance from a political perspective explains the crowd’s eagerness to proclaim Him a king. In Jesus’ three years of public ministry, there had been two efforts to arrest Him and three assassination attempts. The Jewish religious authorities feared that Jesus might unite the people, causing the Romans to destroy the Temple and their nation. If He continued to perform miracles and signs, this Man from Galilee would upset the precarious balance of authority, testing Rome’s patience.

For 100 years the Romans managed to subdue any Palestinian uprisings. Many questioned if there would be another Messianic rebellion if Jesus appeared in Jerusalem for the next Passover. Due to the influx of pilgrims celebrating this Passover, the population had tripled. Word spread quickly of the “King who comes in the name of the Lord” (Luke 19:38).

Thus Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem initiated His inevitable collision course with both the chief priests and political authorities.

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