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What is the Deity of Christ in the Gospel of Mark

QUESTION: What is the Deity of Christ in the Gospel of Mark?


While Mark's gospel lacks Luke's introduction, Matthew's genealogy and John's prologue, it definitively records Jesus Christ as God in the flesh (Mark 1:1). Among the ways Mark shows the Deity of Christ are the following, among others: he includes God's commendation of Jesus as His Son-at His baptism (Mark 1:11); at the Transfiguration (Mark 9:7); and in His resurrection (Mark 16:6-7, Romans 1:4).

Mark also shows the deity of Christ by dramatically describing Christ's exorcisms of demons (Mark 3:11, 5:7, 9:17-18, 25), a power He also bestowed on His disciples (Mark 6:7, 13).

Knowing His identity, the spiritual rebels loudly acclaimed His deity, though Jesus vigorously silenced that acclaim (Mark 3:12, 5:6-8, 9:25-26). Indeed, Jesus offered the exorcisms as proof of His deity, while attacking the Pharisees' opinion that they implied His league with Satan (Mark 3:22-30).

In addition, Mark shows the deity of Christ by stressing His independence of Mosaic regulations whenever it pleased Him: touching a leper (Mark 1:41); forgiving the paralytic's sins (Mark 2:5, 10); warning of Mosaic insufficiency and stating His own superiority (Mark 2:21-22); establishing His rule of the Sabbath (Mark 2:28, 3:1-6); commissioning the Twelve as His personal agents, not as emissaries of Moses (Mark 6:7-13); replacing centuries of traditions with His own word (7:1-20); asserting His authority over Moses in the matter of marriage and divorce (Mark 10:1-12); clarifying the role of all Old Testament leaders as His witnesses (Mark 12:35-37); offering the true meaning of the Passover (Mark 14:16-26); replacing the temple at His death (Mark 15:38).

Mark also shows the deity of Christ by noting His mastery in healing every illness and disease brought to Him, including: fever (Mark 1:30-31); leprosy (Mark 1:42); paralysis (Mark 2:11-12, 3:1, 5); hemorrhage (Mark 5:27-34); deafness and muteness (Mark 7:31-35); blindness (Mark 8:22-26, 10:46-52).

Lastly, Mark shows the deity of Christ by describing His power over nature: quieting the lake and wind from the boat (Mark 4:35-41); walking on the water (Mark 6:45-52); invigorating and multiplying exhausted physical resources (Mark 6:30-44, 8:1-13); and over the spirit world - exorcisms, resurrecting the dead (Mark 5:21-24, 35-43).

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